As pet care professionals, here at Allbreeds we believe in providing your dog with a positive and caring grooming service!  

But it’s not just about style and looking pretty… we are qualified, experienced and dedicated to your dog’s health, safety and wellbeing, ensuring the whole experience is enjoyable for your much loved pet. 

In doing so we have built an unrivalled reputation in the South Wales and Glamorgan areas for making dogs look fabulous… Testimonials we have earned.
Just a Bath, Condition & Dry:


Small Breeds - £18.00  to  £22.00
e.g. Yorkie/Westie/Cavaliers/M.Schnauzer
Medium Breeds - £25.00  to  £33.00          
e.g. Springer/Labrador/Tibetan/Retriever
Large Breeds - £36.00  to  £50.00  
e.g. GSD/Red Setters/ Afghans
Giant Breeds - £ Priced on Assessment
e.g. Newfoundlands/St Bernards/Bouvier’s DF
Full Groom Package:


Small Breeds - £27.00 to £35.00
e.g. Yorkie/Westie/Cavaliers/M.Schnauzer

Medium Breeds - £38.00 to £50.00
e.g. Springer/Labrador/Tibetan/Retriever

Large Breeds - £55.00 to £75.00
e.g. GSD/Red Setters/ Afghans

Giant Breeds - £Priced on Assessment
e.g. Newfoundlands/St Bernards/Bouvier’s DF
Giant Breeds:
We will need to assess your dog before quoting for the work. We guarantee at all times to charge fairly and accurately for the work we undertake - our promise to you is value for money at all times, we will never charge unnecessarily for the work involved!
The full Grooming package consists of:-
  • Deep cleansing bath using Coat Specific shampoo
  • General all purpose light Condition, if required and according to coat type
  • Warm Air Drying 
  • Clip &/or Scissoring to Breed Standard Style or Owners preference cut
  • Pads checked and cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Eyes cleaned of debris and sanitised 
  • Ears cleaned, plucked and sanitised with anti bacterial solution
  • Anal glands checked and cleaned if required
* Please note all Salon products used are of Organic, Herbal, Bio-degradable composition, are non animal tested and contain no harsh chemicals or dyes.

Collection and return of your dog is FREE OF CHARGE within an 8 mile &/0r 20 minute radius of our business premises.

Please note the following important information:-

We do NOT offer a hand stripping service at Allbreeds. I believe that unless you professionally breed/show your dog, then a domestic cut is far kinder and less traumatic for the dog. Stripping is hard work, takes hours, requires a very patient dog as literally plucking out a dog’s fur can be very tiresome and uncomfortable for the pet, and due to the time and labour involved is expensive!

We maintain the highest sanitary and professional standards, with high spec equipment such as Ultra Violet sterilising cabinets and Barbicide System. All equipment and tools are cleaned, sterilised and serviced to a strict maintenance and hygiene program thus greatly reducing any risk of infection, skin disorders or injury to the dog which can be caused by using ‘dirty and badly maintained tools.
We operate a strict NO MUZZLE Salon policy. 
No matter what aggression a dog displays, I resist the use of a muzzle preferring to work WITH your dog not against it! Using our dog handling skills, patience plus TLC, and with acceptance of whatever minimal work is able to be achieved on the dog given its anxiety, counts greater in my book than forcing the dog to be groomed to ‘perfection.‘ Mostly and over time, the naughty ones come around in their own little way, so much better than sedation and bullying to get the job done, wouldn’t you agree?
Working with ‘difficult temperament’ dogs takes much longer than grooming a happy disposition dog, thus we need to charge accordingly, please see our Terms & Conditions.

Your pet is also fully insured whilst in our care and whilst in transit with us.

Inspection of our premises is always welcomed and Owners are actively encouraged to stay with their dog whilst being groomed if they wish!

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