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Allbreeds offers an automatic forward appointment date to Owners alleviating the need and inconvenience of having to “remember to book the dog in for grooming.” As a result we book up many weeks in advance! Over the years our Owners have welcomed the convenience of this service and come to rely on it, we rarely receive cancellations. If you do need to cancel your booking at short notice, all we ask is that you appreciate that it may not be possible to re-book your dog for anything up to 8 weeks!!
This really is a very ‘delicate’ subject and we never mean to offend…..but must politely and firmly request that Owners are ‘on time’ for their dog’s appointment please!

What may seem just a few minutes late to you, actually prevents me from working to schedule on several dogs attending the salon at the same time. The rest of our day’s bookings and pet transport arrangements all get delayed as a result.
Being just 10 minutes late, plus a further 10 minutes in handing over your dog/chatting when you do arrive, means I’ve lost a minimum 20 minutes of the time allocated to your dog’s booking. This in turn means every other dog attending the salon that day will not be started on time, or owners coming with their dog kept waiting, and groomed dogs waiting much longer than normal to go home.
Late arrivals do cause a considerable problem, so please don’t be late if you can possibly avoid it – thank you sincerely for your understanding.
  • We understand traffic/children and unforeseen hold-ups but respectfully reserve the right to re-book a new appointment for your dog if you arrive 15 or more minutes late for your booked appointment.


Our prices are determined according to Breed size &/or Technicality of Styling and assumes your dog will arrive in a coat condition for which regular grooming methods can be applied.
  • eg a Toy Poodle styled to Kennel Club Standard is a SMALL breed but a complex Technical cut, thus takes much longer and is therefore more expensive than similar sized dogs.




Or dogs who demonstrate great anxiety or fear of being groomed have to be worked on very quietly and slowly, thus they take much longer to complete than a dog who is easy going and happy to be groomed….respectfully, we reserve the right to charge accordingly.

  • Please note we will always try our best to work with a dog of this nature, but safety must be paramount! Ultimately if the pet poses such a problem on the grooming table despite our best efforts, that it could result in serious injury to either itself or the Groomer, then we can discuss alternative methods with the owner.






It sounds crazy we know! And we really don’t mind, as caring for dogs’ involves ALL aspects of the job! But we have to be professionally sensible and recognise that some days we spend more time CLEANING UP after them than we do grooming them!! This is valuable lost grooming time/revenue for our business. 


If your dog is one of those characters that excessively poops and wee’s repeatedly in the holding runs or crates or whilst being transported, or even over the dog waiting next door to it…. this must be dealt with immediately for their comfort and hygiene, and in accordance with our Animal Welfare licensing. 

  • We reserve the right to charge a sensible and small increase on the standard grooming fee to cover the additional work and time involved. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.




Heaven knows we of all people understand how busy Owners lives are! There’s not always time to spare to brush the dog out daily!! It is our policy to assess truthfully whether your dog’s coat can/cannot be salvaged. If not, then a complete Clip Off will be advised to the owner before commencing work. 


However if we can work through your dog’s coat without causing the dog unnecessary angst, stress or discomfort then we will……this will take longer than a usual groom and our final price will respectfully reflect this.

  • We reserve the right to charge additionally for the extra work involved but will always discuss this with the Owner prior to commencing. 


Some dogs just don’t like being handled or groomed….and that’s fact! But these are not aggressive dogs, just ones who demonstrate extreme high energy and over exuberance! 
No matter how calm and reassuringly we treat them, they use the grooming table like a ‘race track’ and we have to be double jointed just to hang on for grim death to weild a simple brush, never mind a pair of potentially lethal 8” scissors!! Restraints are not always enough to contain their antics. As such these hyper active babes in need of a hair cut take double the time of an average dog….our final price respectfully reflects this.
  • We reserve the right to charge additionally for the extra work involved but will always discuss this with the Owner prior to commencing.




A Boxer is a medium to large size dog but rarely commands more than an hour to work on. A good mitt out to remove loose fur, a good splosh around in the bath with much eating of bubbles !!!.... nails, ears and anal glands….job done!  Hence we charge a very reasonable £30-35 despite the fact that a Boxer does not come under our Small Dog price category.

  • We endeavour to charge fairly and accurately for the work we undertake - our promise to you is value for money at all times, we will never charge unnecessarily for the work involved!



As much as we’d love one….we don’t have a wet room or walk in shower and no room to build one! Thus if your ‘Giant’ will fit in our excellent and faithful hydro bath …..we will be most happy to service them!
If your dog attends for grooming regularly and at the appropriate periods for their breed and coat type, then additional charges should not need to be applied! 
Our promise to you is that we will never charge unnecessarily for grooming your dog!


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